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Poetry by Rick


"Late Night Muse"

My muse writes late into each night

Ideas flow to her in a stream; 

Because she does, I can sleep tight. 

My muse writes late into each night

Her written gifts are a delight;

With no stress I have peaceful dreams. 

My muse writes late into each night

Ideas flow to her in a stream; 

When finished, to me she takes flight.

My muse writes late into each night

She returns with magical themes;

My brain waves pulsate with her light! 

My muse writes late into each night...

Ideas flow to her in a stream.

Triolet Sonnet #11, written by Ricky Lee *04/29/2017* 



Amanda gained her loot with looks
One lovely smile was all it took; 
The meanest sailors would not fight...
Amanda had her style down tight. 

She never kept a log or books
Amanda gained her loot with looks; 
Her sailing vessel was well stocked...
Its cargo area, unlocked. 

From other pirates she would steal
It paid for her exotic meals; 
Amanda gained her loot with looks...
She also was a first class cook! 

She retired at twenty-eight
A wealthy beauty with her mate; 
No more a most beguiling crook...
Amanda gained her loot with looks.

Quatern #2, written by Ricky Lee *04/25/2017*



I am Medusa
Please look at my face;
Do not be alarmed...
I shall not give chase. 

I really am nice
And so lonely too; 
Please look at my face...
You may like the view. 

You must not leave me
I hate this dank place; 
Do me this favor...
Please look at my face. 

Please look at my face
The tales are not true;
No turning to stone...
I swear this to you.

You still seem nervous
Please look at my face; 
It will be okay...
Have I made my case?

You turn towards me
Though your eyes are down;
Please look at my face...
Or else I shall frown! 

Yes that is better
I made you a space;
My new stone treasure...
You looked at my face!

Written by Ricky Lee *04/12/2017*


"Lois Lane"

Lois Lane
Can be a pain
She tracks down major scoops; 
She has no fear
That much is clear...
Lois is quite a snoop! 

She has close calls
Some high rise falls
Saved by her Superman; 
This makes Clark fret
Always new threats...
He needs an artful plan. 

In comes a tip
So Lois skips
Dashing out at full speed; 
The scoop is hot
With danger, fraught...
Warnings, she does not heed. 

Next thing she knows
From high she goes
Tumbling to the ground; 
A trash bin catch
Barely a scratch...
Soft pillows all around. 

Lois is irked
His duty shirked
No Superman rescue...
She sees a blur
Emotions stir...
Up and away he flew! 

From that day on
His super brawn
Lois does not require;
With deep felt sparks
She marries Clark...
Her Superman retires!

Written by Ricky Lee *03/19/2017*


"Soul Nomad"

A skip, a hop
And then I pop
Into a skin...
So fun within.

This host is nice
I am precise
choosing a shell...
I do it well! 

Restless am I
So that is why
I jump around...
Without a sound. 

My hosts know not
I am not fought
Peaceful control...
And then I roll! 

A soul nomad 
I am so glad
To have no home...
Always to roam.

Should I eye you
Do not feel blue
It might be fun...
And quickly done! 

Twenty-four hours
Is all this power
Allows for me...
Then you are free!

Written by Ricky Lee *01/07/2017*

2017 Poems by Ricky Lee


"Helda, Helga, Olga and Sam"

Helda, Helga, Olga and Sam
Practice for their final exam; 
Full blown witches they wish to be...
All are serious as can be. 

They have been studying so hard
No fun parties or playing cards; 
A book of spells has been studied...
Their inner witches, nicely freed. 

Helda wants to conjure a bat
Helga prefers a sleek black cat; 
Olga is partial to banshees...
Sam believes that would be a breeze! 

A banshee they agree upon
Practicing spells until the dawn; 
A nap is all the sleep they need...
The four are ready to succeed. 

Elder witches gather around
A spell proceeds as four hearts pound; 
Deafening screeching then is heard...
A howling banshee, they have stirred! 

The elders applaud their success
A brand new spell book they possess; 
Helda, Helga, Olga and Sam
With ringing ears passed their exam!

Written by Ricky Lee *03/05/2017*


"Little Hunters"

Little Sam, Dean and Castiel
Are under a powerful spell; 
It is a Supernatural thing...
At least Castiel has his wings! 

Little Sam is a moose no more
Running to classes is a chore; 
He is studious like before...
For girl classmates, he opens doors. 

Little Dean loves cheeseburgers and pie
He packs a gun but knows not why; 
Around girls he is never shy...
Classic rock music makes him sigh. 

Little Castiel hides his wings
He hates the attention they bring; 
To Sam and Dean he always clings...
Wearing a trench coat is his thing. 

Our little heroes have good times 
Clueless of monsters and their crimes; 
Back to normal they soon shall be...
Hunting demons and ghouls for free!

*Written by Ricky Lee *03/15/2017* 


"Second Date"

A ghost girl waits atop a wall
Thinking she is still quite alive; 
She has flowers from her last date...
It is spooky how they still thrive. 

She was to rendezvous with him
Their second date was that same night; 
A short walk home on a dark road...
She was struck by a car with no lights. 

The ghost girl has no memory
Of that fatal night long ago...
To her no time has passed at all...
She still believes her date will show. 

The thoughtful boy also perished
As he walked, in the very same way; 
He has wandered for many years...
Though to him, it seems but a day. 

The ghost girl shrieks in excitement
The boy smiles as he draws near; 
She jumps off the wall and hugs him...
Their second date, finally here!

Written by Ricky Lee *02/24/2017* 


"Young Witch"

There was a young witch who lived in a shoe
She chose the shoe because it was blue;
Blue were her broomsticks and spell book, too...
So many blue items she did accrue. 

The young witch did not at all like red
Red made her feel uncommon dread;
 Gifted red items hid under her bed...
She refused to let red enter her head! 

The young witch did however like yellow
Yellow was worn by a handsome fellow;
His visits always made her feel mellow...
She liked how he played his yellow cello.

The young witch was fascinated by green
Green made her feel giddy, just like a teen; 
For walking through green grass, she was keen...
Green was embedded deep in her genes! 

The young witch was mystified by grey
With grey she never knew what to say; 
Not like white or black, they were okay...
In her shoe home, grey never held sway.

There was a young witch who lived in a shoe
She chose the shoe because it was blue;
On her blue broom stick, away she flew...
With her pet dragon, yes he was blue too!

Written by Ricky Lee *02/09/2017*


"Flight to Venus"

With my mind still, I feel a chill
The very air seems like it cares;
A static charge, it is quite large...
I start to float without a coat. 

An open door so out I pour
Into the cold, my atoms fold
This conscious state is really great...
Just as it seems, a lucid dream!

An uphill flight into the night
My speed in tune, well past the moon;
In astral flight, stars sure shine bright...
Venus I see, though not carefree.

Venus exhales, she seems so frail
At lightning speed I check her need; 
A brand new scar, her beauty mars...
Meteor strikes she does not like!

I let her know that her sweet glow
Is still the same, to feel no shame; 
In that moment, a missive sent...
It seems that Mars, finds cute her scar.

My astral flight was a delight
We wave goodbye then back I fly; 
When morning shakes my soul awake
I shall recall ... it was a ball!

Written by Ricky Lee *02/10/2017* 


"Rainbow Skies"

A pot of gold
From times of olde
Is not special to me; 
It is no prize
Just exercise...
A bit hard on my knees! 

Rainbows are fun
As one is spun
Its energy I feel; 
I get quite high
And super spry...
My Irish soul cartwheels.

Our holiday
Not far away
There is so much to do: 
The pot of gold
I put on hold...
Green ale, I aim to brew. 

If you are drawn
To leprechauns
Magic is inside you;
May rainbow skies
Be your ally...
Luck of the Irish, too!

Written by Ricky Lee *02/01/2017* 

More Poems by Rick :))



I play hopscotch with reality
The earthly scene is not for me;
This of course may be but a dream...
If it is, I surely shall scream! 

I know my age is really young
Some say my life has just begun; 
But no no no, I feel confined...
I do not like this mundane grind! 

Homework bores me ever so much
I need a starry starry touch;
Why must I choke down nasty beans...
I must escape, by any means! 

I am restricted, through and through
The stars do not enforce curfews; 
I hop right over four and five...
Six boosts my hops to hyper drive! 

I swish and swirl around comets
All my expectations are met;
Oh no,  I have become  homesick...
I better hopscotch home real quick! 

Written by Ricky Lee *01/09/2017*

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