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Poetry by Rick


"Antsy" (Villanelle)

Halloween is so far away
I am antsy to have some fun;
I wish to soar up high and play.

My sense of humor is risque
Lots of dark spells I have spun;
Halloween is so far away.

My sisters think I am cray-cray
This midnight ride they will shun;
I wish to soar up high and play.

From their cauldrons they do not stray
Recipe swapping has begun;
Halloween is so far away.

I do not heed their stubborn nays
Eagerness shall not be undone;
I wish to soar up high and play.

My mischief is now underway
At pranking, I am number one;
Halloween is so far away...
I wish to soar up high and play.


"Red Riding Hood"

Grown up Red Riding Hood
Is looking tasty good;
With her basket in tow
And a smile for she knows,
Grandma loves her visits.

It is an eerie night
But Red does not have fright;
Once a long time ago
To the bad wolf she showed,
He could not match her wits.

The wolf again is near
She senses his cold sneer
And then feels his hot breath;
He still desires her death...
Red remembers this skit!

She opens her basket
Slowly without a fret;
Some cheesecakes are inside
Also a bona fide
Dagger, with its permit.

Red pulls the dagger out
With a defiant shout:
"I shall not be your meal,
My life you cannot steal!"...
The wolf admires her grit.

With a sly wink and nod
He lopes off to maraud
In woods far, far away;
Red has no more delays...
She arrives, lickety-split!


"Man in the Moon"

Luna is so bright tonight
It seems like I could touch her;
Such a lovely celestial sight...
Profound feeling in me, she stirs.

I am mesmerized by her charms
She possesses such luminosity;
feelings of restiveness she disarms...
I have never felt such vitality.

It is as if she can discern my thoughts
As she smiles and gives me a wink;
I wonder if this is but a dream plot,
Or did I imbibe a magic spell drink?

Luna assures me that I am awake
 No mystical potion have I drank; 
She says her heart was about to break
So with me, she wishes to be frank.

If I ride a moon beam to her side
Abandon my old life for her sake; 
All her lonely tears will be dried...
Depression, she will forever forsake.

This all transpired a long time ago 
Loving Luna has been such a boon;
In the night sky she is always aglow...
Because of her Man in the Moon!


"Pixie Love"

In a clearing
I hear cheering
Emitting from the ground...
I walk over
Grass and clover
Cannot mute this sound.

I peer down low
And see a glow
Much like a tiny sun...
Wee hands grab me
Strong as can be
Normalcy is undone. 

Rain drops falling
Someone calling
A voice so soft and sweet...
Her mushroom light
Attracts my sight
This fairy tale is neat! 

I say hello
And feel her glow
My ardor is in bloom...
We hear thunder
I move under
Her umbrella mushroom.

I hold her close
And get a dose
Of magic, pixie style...
My thoughts she owns 
They now have flown
To her enchanting isle.

She says to me
I can be free
Of her wee affections...
If I am meek
Just kiss her cheek
For a quick rejection.

If however
I wish never
To leave our new found bliss...
Embrace her now
And then endow
Our love, with a soul kiss.


"Enchanted Whispers"

Enchanted whispers nightly tease,
sweet midnight passes through;
their promises I cannot seize.

Hope soars upon a mystic breeze,
drifting past without clues;
enchanted whispers nightly tease.

Senses blinded by beauty's ease,
cryptic voices ensue;
their promises I cannot seize.

Lost in reflection romance flees,
gone before morning's dew;
enchanted whispers nightly tease.

Shadows taunt among mute leas,
mere orphic residue;
their promises I cannot seize.

Nocturnal flights do not appease,
dream figures are not you:
enchanted whispers nightly tease;
their promises I cannot seize.


"Rest My Darling"

Rest my darling, I am here
no harm shall befall you;
ever I shall remain near.

My focus is forever clear,
this devotion I feel is true;
rest my darling, I am here.

You are to my heart, so dear
evil cannot claim its due;
ever I shall remain near.

Into your troubles I will peer,
you don't have to leave a clue;
rest my darling, I am here.

Dawn's light will reveal no fear,
innocence will be its hue;
ever I shall remain near.

To the world we may seem mere
but our love is possessed by few;
rest my darling, I am here -
ever shall I remain near.

2017 Poems by Ricky Lee


"Helda, Helga, Olga and Sam"

Helda, Helga, Olga and Sam
Practice for their final exam; 
Full blown witches they wish to be...
All are serious as can be. 

They have been studying so hard
No fun parties or playing cards; 
A book of spells has been studied...
Their inner witches, nicely freed. 

Helda wants to conjure a bat
Helga prefers a sleek black cat; 
Olga is partial to banshees...
Sam believes that would be a breeze! 

A banshee they agree upon
Practicing spells until the dawn; 
A nap is all the sleep they need...
The four are ready to succeed. 

Elder witches gather around
A spell proceeds as four hearts pound; 
Deafening screeching then is heard...
A howling banshee, they have stirred! 

The elders applaud their success
A brand new spell book they possess; 
Helda, Helga, Olga and Sam
With ringing ears passed their exam!

Written by Ricky Lee *03/05/2017*


"Little Hunters"

Little Sam, Dean and Castiel
Are under a powerful spell; 
It is a Supernatural thing...
At least Castiel has his wings! 

Little Sam is a moose no more
Running to classes is a chore; 
He is studious like before...
For girl classmates, he opens doors. 

Little Dean loves cheeseburgers and pie
He packs a gun but knows not why; 
Around girls he is never shy...
Classic rock music makes him sigh. 

Little Castiel hides his wings
He hates the attention they bring; 
To Sam and Dean he always clings...
Wearing a trench coat is his thing. 

Our little heroes have good times 
Clueless of monsters and their crimes; 
Back to normal they soon shall be...
Hunting demons and ghouls for free!

*Written by Ricky Lee *03/15/2017* 


"Second Date"

A ghost girl waits atop a wall
Thinking she is still quite alive; 
She has flowers from her last date...
It is spooky how they still thrive. 

She was to rendezvous with him
Their second date was that same night; 
A short walk home on a dark road...
She was struck by a car with no lights. 

The ghost girl has no memory
Of that fatal night long ago...
To her no time has passed at all...
She still believes her date will show. 

The thoughtful boy also perished
As he walked, in the very same way; 
He has wandered for many years...
Though to him, it seems but a day. 

The ghost girl shrieks in excitement
The boy smiles as he draws near; 
She jumps off the wall and hugs him...
Their second date, finally here!

Written by Ricky Lee *02/24/2017* 


"Young Witch"

There was a young witch who lived in a shoe
She chose the shoe because it was blue;
Blue were her broomsticks and spell book, too...
So many blue items she did accrue! 

The young witch did not at all like red
Red made her feel nauseated dread;
All gifted red items stashed under her bed...
She refused to let red enter her head! 

The young witch did however like yellow
Yellow was worn by a handsome fellow;
His visits always made her feel mellow...
She liked how he played his yellow cello! 

The young witch was fascinated by green
Green made her feel giddy, just like a teen; 
For walking through green grass, she was keen...
Green was embedded deep in her genes! 

The young witch was mystified by grey
With grey she never knew what to say; 
Not like white or black, they were okay...
In her shoe home, grey never held sway! 

There was a young witch who lived in a shoe
She chose the shoe because it was blue;
On her blue broom stick, away she flew...
With her pet dragon, yes he was blue too!

Written by Ricky Lee *02/09/2017*


"Flight to Venus"

With my mind still, I feel a chill
The very air seems like it cares;
A static charge, it is quite large...
I start to float without a coat. 

An open door so out I pour
Into the cold, my atoms fold
This conscious state is really great...
Just as it seems, a lucid dream!

An uphill flight into the night
My speed in tune, well past the moon;
In astral flight, stars sure shine bright...
Venus I see, though not carefree.

Venus exhales, she seems so frail
At lightning speed I check her need; 
A brand new scar, her beauty mars...
Meteor strikes she does not like!

I let her know that her sweet glow
Is still the same, to feel no shame; 
In that moment, a missive sent...
It seems that Mars, finds cute her scar.

My astral flight was a delight
We wave goodbye then back I fly; 
When morning shakes my soul awake
I shall recall ... it was a ball!

Written by Ricky Lee *02/10/2017* 


"Rainbow Skies"

A pot of gold
From times of olde
Is not special to me; 
It is no prize
Just exercise...
A bit hard on my knees! 

Rainbows are fun
As one is spun
Its energy I feel; 
I get quite high
And super spry...
My Irish soul cartwheels.

Our holiday
Not far away
There is so much to do: 
The pot of gold
I put on hold...
Green ale, I aim to brew. 

If you are drawn
To leprechauns
Magic is inside you;
May rainbow skies
Be your ally...
Luck of the Irish, too!

Written by Ricky Lee *02/01/2017* 

More Poems by Rick :))



A sorceress is brewing hope
 Strong magic shall help her clan cope;
Invaders come from foreign lands...
She feels this is not their last stand. 

Druid mentors have taught her well
She has some very potent spells; 
Maeve was destined for this moment...
Her training has been time well spent. 

The Roman soldiers are wary
Celtic fighters are most scary;
They are fierce and possess no fear...
In bravery, they have no peers. 

Maeve does not want to lose a soul
She is brewing up mind control; 
The vapors dance, then head to sea...
Soon the invaders scream, and flee! 

Maeve sighs as the fleet sails away
So glad her friends are all okay; 
They admire her sorceress ways...
Celtic magic rescues their day!

Written by Ricky Lee *02/07/2017* 


"I am You and You are Me"

You are me and I am you
One soul we gladly share;
When you fly into the blue,
My wings carry you there.

We need not be understood
Our bond, all logic transcends;
Others against us have stood,
Though our ways never offend.

They see our dark appearance
 And how we adore the night;
Always they will take offense...
Their assumptions are not right.

This realm restricts our living
From it, we must now depart;
Find a place more forgiving,
Where magic resides in hearts.

For you are me and I am you
One soul we gladly share;
When you fly into the blue 
My wings carry you there...

*Written by Ricky Lee *04/04/2015*


"Brightest Skies"

You float through dream vistas each night
Your touch rings in lucidity...
With you close by, the skies are bright.

Your voice, a nocturnal delight
It enchants my soul to flow free...
You float through dream vistas each night.

I see wonders through your eye sight
Our vision, entwined as can be...
With you close by, the skies are bright.

Timeless are our beautiful flights
They are so magical to me...
You float through dream vistas each night.

Togetherness like ours must be right
I know you ever were my key...
With you close by, the skies are bright.

We are rising to greater heights
Our spirits desire to fly free; 
You float through dream vistas each night...
With you close by, the skies are bright.

Villanelle #22, written by Ricky Lee *02/12/2017*

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